Transform ANY Photo Into Watercolor Artwork 

In 60 Seconds (Or Less!)

To unlock your creativity and blow people away with one-of-a-kind editing effects in Photoshop

The Watercolor Actions Bundle For Photoshop let's you turn regular photos into timeless works of art that blow people away, all without needing any Photoshop experience!

Now Just $97. Compatible With Photoshop CS6 - CC 2024+

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Dear photographer, 

How many times have you seen creative editing effects and said "I WISH I could do that"?

Or how many times have you felt defeated after trying a creative editing effect just to realize you don't yet have the right skills to make it happen?

But rather than spending dozens of hours learning complicated new techniques, you just shrug your shoulders and assume it's not meant to be.

I totally get that, because I did the same thing.

I remember how crazy it drove me seeing all these amazing editing effects that were just out of reach.

They were either too complicated, too time consuming, or too advanced for where I was with my editing skills.

It's frustrating trying to find the balance between time commitment and outcome with photo editing.

Figuring out which creative editing effects are actually worth the hours and hours of time it takes to learn to create them from scratch.

But what if there was a way you could get the best of both worlds? 🤔

Where you can save time while still getting those jaw-dropping creative effects you've been dreaming of.

Unlock Your Creativity, Without Wasting Time

Rather than spending dozens of hours learning complex editing techniques, there's a way you can create the watercolor effects you've been dreaming of with (almost) no effort.

With this tool and ZERO Photoshop experience you can transform your favorite photos taken with ANY camera (yes, even your phone) into stunning watercolor paintings with a click.

Transforming your favorite photos of beautiful vistas, spring flowers, or family moments into timeless watercolor paintings.

Paintings so convincing and life-like people might actually think you’re a highly skilled watercolor artist. 👨🏻‍🎨

But what people won’t know is that you have the most powerful and realistic watercolor action for Photoshop by your side.

Your trusty companion that’s like a personal artist for your photos. Turning any image you can imagine into jaw dropping works of art in seconds.

And it lets you unlock your creativity with done-for-you creative edits that you can make look truly your own!

Let me show you just how simple this action truly is.

Jaw-Dropping Watercolor Paintings In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Play The Setup Action

Step 2: Quickly Paint Where You Want The Watercolor Effect

Step 3: Play The Watercolor Effects Action & Watch The Magic Unfold

Step 4: Customize The Effect Simply By Clicking The Eyeball Icons

Step 5: You're Done!

What Used To Take An Hour Now Takes 60 Seconds…

As someone who has spent more hours than I’d like to admit trying to replicate watercolor paintings with Photoshop, I know first hand how tedious and time consuming it can be.

Even after a decade of using Photoshop, creating a realistic watercolor effect takes me well over an hour to create.

Because of the…

  • ❌ Endless layers
  • ❌ Countless brush adjustments
  • ❌ Complicated masking adjustments
  • ❌ Paths
  • ​❌ Color Effects
  • ​❌ Adjustment Layers
  • ​❌ Texture Effects

…and more, it all takes an incredibly long time no matter what I’d do.

But with this Watercolor Action, all you need is 60 seconds and Photoshop does the work for you.

No wasted time, no guess work, and most importantly, no special Photoshop skills required. 

The only skill required is knowing how to click your mouse!

That way you can turn any photo into a creative masterpiece with no stress.

All while you sit back, relax, and watch as the compliments roll in from people wondering how you did it.

(I won't tell anyone if you don't 🤫)

How You’re Guaranteed Amazing Results (Even With Zero Photoshop Experience)

To make sure you get the best results from this action, even if it’s your first time in Photoshop, you get a bonus downloadable video lesson walking you through exactly how to use the action.

This bonus video training covers everything from:

  • Quickly getting the watercolor actions and brushes installed in Photoshop 
  • How to best use the watercolor actions
  • How to customize the watercolor actions for incredible results

Without needing to be a computer whiz or a Photoshop expert, this video training gets you up to speed regardless of your skill level.

And gives you the ability to blow people away with your new watercolor painting skills! 😉

Buy The Watercolor Actions Bundle Now!

Before & After Examples:

What's Included In This Actions Bundle...

Image for visual purposes only. This is a digital product with no physical packaging.

- The Watercolor Actions Pack For Photoshop

This action pack includes all the actions you need to transform your favorite photos into stunning watercolor art, just by clicking “Play” in the actions panel! 

This is the most advanced and realistic watercolor action found anywhere online, guaranteed. If you find something better, I'll refund your money.

- 35+ Photo-Realistic Watercolor Brushes

In addition to the action, you also get a variety of hyper-realistic watercolor brushes that you can use in other Photoshop projects for even more watercolor effects. These are the ultimate way to unlock your watercolor creativity in Photoshop! 

Unlike other low-quality digitally rendered brushes in other packs, these guarantee the most photo-realistic brush effects possible.

- BONUS #1 - A Downloadable Step-By-Step Video Lesson

Receive a bonus video lesson from Gavin Phillips himself (the creator of this action), walking you through exactly how to set up and use these watercolor actions and brushes for stunning results.

- BONUS #2 - 11 High-Res Watercolor Backgrounds

Save yourself the time of finding textures and brushes for your projects and use these drag and drop watercolor backgrounds instead. Perfect for graphic design projects without the guess work of creating a background like this from scratch! All 11 of these JPEG files are included in this bundle as a bonus.

- BONUS #3 - 5 High-Res Watercolor Paper Textures

Take your watercolor effects even further with high-res optically captured watercolor paper textures for simple drag and drop backgrounds. Whether you want to use these as a background, in a shape, or in text, it's all quickly done with these 5 JPEG textures.

Get Instant Access To The

Watercolor Actions Bundle

Now $97

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Backed By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve probably seen your fair share of people promoting their Photoshop actions for this and that claiming that they will change the world.

Then when you actually use those actions, you’re left feeling underwhelmed by their mediocre results.

It’s hard to tell what’s marketing fluff and what’s real with some Photoshop actions. That’s why I’m doing things differently.

I am so confident that these are the best watercolor actions available anywhere online, I’m offering a 30-day no questions asked refund if they don’t blow you away. 

And although these actions won’t change the world, they will change how much fun you have in Photoshop. 

And they’ll definitely change how many compliments you get on your amazing Photoshop skills when you show people your photos. 😎 👏🏻

So if for any reason you aren't 110% happy with these actions after 30 days, email me at and I'll refund all your money, no questions asked.

And Most Lightroom Users Can Use These Actions Too!

Although these actions can’t be used directly in Lightroom, odds are you have access to Photoshop simply by being subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you’re on the Photography Plan or the All Apps Plan from Adobe, that means you also have access to Photoshop under the same subscription!

And if you’re not already taking advantage of that, why not start now?

It’s so easy in fact that you can…

  • Open your image directly from Lightroom into Photoshop
  • Press play on the watercolor actions in Photoshop
  • Save your photo automatically back to Lightroom
  • And the watercolor effect is complete!

No stress, no overwhelm, and you’ll be back to your happy place in Lightroom in no time.

Just check your Adobe Creative Cloud plan to see if what I'm saying is true!

Who's Behind These Actions?

Gavin & I (Brendan) have a combined 30+ years of Photoshop and photo editing experience with vast expertise ranging from professional photography and retouching, app development, editing plugins, and more.

This Watercolor Actions bundle was created over months of careful work and testing by Gavin Phillips to create the most powerful and realistic watercolor effects for Photoshop. 

After testing the final actions myself, I couldn't believe how impressive the effects were. I was so impressed, in fact, that I told him I needed to share these with you and other members of my audience.

And he agreed I could offer them at a huge discount... but only for a few days. So I took that agreement and ran with it, and that's how you landed here!

This actions bundle is truly of the highest quality you can find. Backed by over 30+ years of Photoshop experience, we both agree you'll be blown away by these actions.

And if you don't agree, I'll personally refund every penny.

Get Instant Access To The

Watercolor Actions Bundle

Now $97

One Week From Now...

You’ll have a collection of your favorite images turned into realistic watercolor photos ready to print or share with friends and family.

People who see your watercolor photos won’t be able to stop themselves from asking how you did it (they’ll want all your secrets!)

You’ll be having more fun in Photoshop than ever before creating effects with just a few clicks that most people struggle to replicate after several hours…

You'll finally be creating the editing effects you've dreamed of, without wasting dozens of hours watching Youtube tutorials...

You can transform photos of those precious moments with friends and family into timeless art nobody could forget.

All because of one simple set of Photoshop actions.


Brendan :)


Which Versions Of Photoshop Are Compatible?

These actions and brushes are compatible with Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop CC 2024+

How Do I Access The Bonus Video Training?

The video training taught by Gavin Phillips is included as a downloadable file within the product download. You can watch this training directly on your computer at your convenience or even offline once the file is downloaded to your computer.

Can't I Create A Watercolor Effect Myself For Free?

Absolutely. If you already have the skills to do so or have the time to learn how via Youtube videos, more power to you. This is by no means an effect that is impossible to create without an action.

However, this action adds more advanced and technical adjustments that you won't hear about online all while making the process take 60 seconds or less. Doing this all manually takes even an expert in Photoshop over an hour, making this action the easiest way to get watercolor effects, period.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes! I have a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you aren't 110% happy with these actions, email me at and I will personally refund every penny. 

How Is This Product Delivered?

This is a digital product with downloads available immediately after you purchase. You can access your downloads at any time and there are install guides and videos showing how to get set up and started with these actions.

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