177 Effortless Ways To Transform Your Photos In Photoshop

To save time and make editing fun again, without needing to spend hours practicing Photoshop.

The Easy Edits Action Bundle For Photoshop gives you 177 one-click editing styles to utilize Photoshop's most advanced effects with ZERO skill required. Just press play on the action and watch as your photos transform! No more endless hours sitting at your computer to edit.

Now Just $175. Compatible with Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop CC.

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Dear Photographer,

When you think of editing photos in Photoshop, that last word that likely comes to mind is “effortless.”

With an overwhelming workspace, number of tools, adjustments, and layers, it’s hard to know where to begin as a beginner.

And if you’re more experienced, editing in Photoshop can often feel more time consuming and head-ache inducing than more simple programs like Lightroom.

But there’s no denying that Photoshop holds the key to some of the most advanced editing techniques that make your photos stand out.

That is, IF you have the experience and know how.

But what if you could take advantage of those advanced editing adjustments and creative effects without needing any practice or experience in Photoshop?

That with the click of a button you can unlock 177 unique ways to level up your editing without any boring youtube tutorials, how-to guides, or complex steps.

With editing effects so good, you’ll even be able to blow away your potential clients with new delivery options you can actually charge more for.

Would you be interested?

Well, let me show you exactly how the Effortless Edits Action Bundle for Photoshop can do just that.

  • 177 Photoshop Actions 
  • ​200 High-Res Textures
  • ​Downloadable How-To Video Lessons
  • Compatible With Photoshop CS6 - CC

The One-Click Approach To Photo Editing 

(That Won't Limit Your Creativity)

If you’ve tried following step-by-step tutorials on Youtube, or even downloaded free actions online to assist with different editing styles, you’ve likely been let down.

That’s because most of these tutorials and actions treat every image the same. As a result, you get hit and miss edits that don’t always work on every photo.

And in the process, you’ve wasted the better part of an hour accomplishing nothing.

Every image you work on is unique, and a one-edit-fits-all approach isn’t going to cut it if you want your photos to stand out.

That’s why every set of actions in the Effortless Edits Actions Bundle was designed to give you a one-click solution that is easy to customize.

With each action creating individual adjustment layers that you can easily toggle on or off to customize the look of an edit.

No experience needed!

Unlock The Unique Editing Powers Of Photoshop, 

Without The Practice!

From color grading to creative editing styles like double exposures, these Photoshop actions unlock editing effects you can’t easily create with any other program. 

Using the power of layer-based edits, these actions create done-for-you effects in seconds, that would otherwise take upwards of an hour to create manually.

Create Advanced Color Grading Effects Most Others Can’t Replicate

Make your edits stand out beyond the usual color grading adjustments that most other photographers are using. Instead, use these actions to take advantage of more advanced color grading effects that most will struggle to replicate. 

That way you can save time in your editing process, while making your photos look totally unique!

Elegantly Enhance Your Black & White Images

Black and white edits are typically limited in how you can make them your own. But within this actions bundle you’ll get 78 unique ways to make captivating black and white images that offer new effects and styles to give your images a timeless fine-art feel.

+ Unlock Effortless Creative Editing Styles In Photoshop

Whether you want to add a creative twist to your favorite portraits, or add an additional offer to potential clients, the Effortless Edits Action Bundle has three main ways you can do that.

From double exposures for breathtaking creative edits perfect for portraits and weddings, to lighting effect actions to make any scene feel more whimsical and eye-catching, and finally, creative black and white effects for a classic Hollywood feel.

With so many one-click creative styles to try, you won’t be limited by your skills or time to practice Photoshop anymore. Instead, you can simply focus on having fun editing again with done-for-you editing effects that take seconds to apply!

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What's Inside The Easy Edits Action Bundle For Photoshop





High-Res Drag & Drop Textures

+ Downloadable Video Lessons To Help Master Every Action

Action Set #1 - Fine Art Black & White + Hollywood Lighting Patterns Actions

Contains 78 Actions

The Fine Art Black & White actions allow you to enhance your black and white edits with one of a kind effects difficult to replicate in other editing programs. From whimsical and diffused B&W edits, to high-contrast captivating B&W, this bundle gives you the best one-click adjustments to level up your black & white images.

To take these edits even further, these actions include the Hollywood Lighting Patterns actions that add unique shadows and light into your black and white edits for a film-noir style feel. An easy way to add a creative twist on a basic black and white edit!

Action Set #2 - Sunlight & Light Leaks Actions

Contains 40 Actions

Even when the lighting conditions are less than perfect, these actions make it easy to apply realistic lighting effects to any photo. Whether you’re shooting families, newborns, weddings, events, or anything in between, these sunlight actions make it easy to give any photo a fairytale-like feel.

Action Set #3 - Elegance Color Grading + Creative Double Exposure Actions

Contains 29 Actions

Fantastic if you’re looking to save time with your color grading or just get overwhelmed by the process all together. With a wide range of one-click editing styles to choose from, you can quickly give your photos a professional color grade without wasting time or brain power.

Then if you want to take your edits even further, the Elegance Color Grading actions also include a variety of Double Exposure Actions to turn any regular photo into a creative work of art in a matter of second!

Action Set #4 - Beyond The Lens Color Grading Actions

Contains 30 Actions

Giving you even more color grading styles to choose from, these Beyond The Lens actions give you even more ways to level up your edits without any experience in Photoshop. With one click these done-for-you actions give you countless layers to easily toggle on or off to customize the look of the edits.

And if you feel comfortable and have more experience, you can get into the nitty gritty of the individual adjustment settings too!

Action Set #5 - 200 High-Res Textured Backgrounds & Overlays

Contains 200 JPEG Textures

Whether you’re creating graphics for clients or social media, add an image border, or just want a timeless texture to apply over your images. This bundle of 200 high-res JPEG textures make it as easy as dragging and dropping… plus maybe adjusting a layer blending mode 😉


Step-By-Step Video Lessons For Each Action Set

If you’re worried you won’t know how to begin with these actions, we got you covered. My friend and Photoshop wizard, Gavin Phillips (the creator of these actions), has made in-depth video lessons sharing how to best use each set of actions.

From importing, to general uses, and advanced tips to improve the actions, these video tutorials ensure you’ll know exactly how to make the most of every action.

Each video tutorial is available within the files that you purchase, and can be viewed offline once downloaded to your computer!

Get Instant Access To The Easy Edits Action Bundle For Photoshop

To help you save time in Photoshop with 177 one-click ways to level up your editing without any boring youtube tutorials, or complex steps.

Buy Now For $175

Try These Actions 100% Risk-Free 

With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve probably seen your fair share of people promoting their Photoshop actions for this and that claiming that they will change the world.

Then when you actually use those actions, you’re left feeling underwhelmed by their mediocre results.

It’s hard to tell what’s marketing fluff and what’s real with some Photoshop actions. That’s why I’m doing things differently.

I am so confident that you’ll love all the effects these actions offer, I’m offering a 30-day no questions asked refund if they don’t blow you away.

And although these actions won’t change the world, they will change how much fun you have in Photoshop.

And they’ll definitely change how many compliments you get on your amazing Photoshop skills when you show people your photos. 😎 👏🏻

So if for any reason you aren't 110% happy with these actions after 30 days, email me at brendan@bwillcreative.com and I'll refund all your money, no questions asked.

Who's Behind These Actions?

Gavin & I (Brendan) have a combined 30+ years of Photoshop and photo editing experience with vast expertise ranging from professional photography and retouching, app development, editing plugins, and more.

This Watercolor Actions bundle was created over months of careful work and testing by Gavin Phillips to create the most powerful and realistic watercolor effects for Photoshop. 

After testing the final actions myself, I couldn't believe how impressive the effects were. I was so impressed, in fact, that I told him I needed to share these with you and other members of my audience.

This actions bundle is truly of the highest quality you can find. Backed by over 30+ years of Photoshop experience, we both agree you'll be blown away by these actions.

And if you don't agree, I'll personally refund every penny.

More Before & After Examples Using The Easy Edits Action Bundle

Get Instant Access To The Easy Edits Action Bundle For Photoshop

To help you save time in Photoshop with 177 one-click ways to level up your editing without any boring youtube tutorials, or complex steps.

Buy Now For $175

One Week After Using These Actions...

You'll be able to finally take advantage of Photoshops most advanced tools, without needing to be an expert in the program. You have a proven and trustworthy set of actions to transform your images with the click of a button.

You won't be as frustrated by the confusing and complex steps of most editing processes in Photoshop. Instead you can skip the headache of remembering every detail and have the work done for you.

You can spend less time at your computer, with editing actions that can literally save hours of your day while editing big batches of photos.

You don't have to aimlessly scroll Youtube looking for new editing effects to try. You now have 177 unique one-click styles that transform your photos in seconds.

You'll finally have an easy and truly effortless way to edit your images in Photoshop. No hassle, no complicated steps.

Giving you more time to focus on capturing images, rather than being tied to your computer.


Brendan :)


Which Versions Of Photoshop Are Compatible?

These actions and brushes are compatible with Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop CC 2024+

How Do I Access The Bonus Video Training?

The video training taught by Gavin Phillips is included as a downloadable file within the product download. You can watch this training directly on your computer at your convenience or even offline once the file is downloaded to your computer.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes! I have a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you aren't 110% happy with these actions, email me at brendan@bwillcreative.com and I will personally refund every penny. 

How Is This Product Delivered?

This is a digital product with the downloads available immediately after you purchase. You can access your downloads at any time and there are install guides and videos showing how to get set up and started with these actions.

Get Instant Access To The Easy Edits Action Bundle For Photoshop

To help you save time in Photoshop with 177 one-click ways to level up your editing without any boring youtube tutorials, or complex steps.

Buy Now For $175