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21 Day Photoshop Expert is for any photographer who wants to edit captivating, print-worthy images that people love, without spending months struggling to learn Photoshop on your own. 

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Dear Photographer,

What if you woke up tomorrow with the skills of a master Photoshop editor?

That tomorrow you could just happily snap photos and edit them exactly as you imagined them without spending all day at your computer.

You could remove objects, add creative edits like sky replacements, transform colors, and make your images look better than ever in minutes.

In reality, you know that using Photoshop to edit your photos is a lot less simple than that. 

There are dozens of tools, complicated steps, and confusing lingo to lead you off course.

So you try your best to watch hours of Photoshop tutorials on Youtube.

But even after hours of practice, you still feel like you’re not making progress. 

You start to wonder if you’ll ever get the hang of Photoshop.

Maybe you’re just not technical enough and computer savvy to figure it all out.

Maybe you’re not finding the right tutorials on Youtube to learn what you need.

Or maybe you’ve just been trying to learn Photoshop wrong this whole time…

Because in as little as 21 Days, this course will take your Photoshop skills from absolute zero, to editing photos like this with confidence... 

  • 79 Video Lessons 
  • ​54 Follow Along PSD Projects
  • ​Go At Your Own Pace
  • ​Accessible From Any Device
  • ​Bonus Photoshop Brushes
  • ​Private Facebook Community
  • ​10+ PDF Cheat Sheets

There Are Too Many Tools

Every time you learn one tool, it seems like there are 10 more left (that are all 10x more confusing than the last). With so many tools to learn you just lose motivation.

It Takes Too Much Time

You feel like you need to dedicate a full 40-hours a week in order to get the hang of Photoshop. You just want to transform your photos, but not at the expense of all your time.

There Are Too Many Techniques To Try

And each one can feel so complicated that you'll never be able to remember all the steps in the future. So you just assume Photoshop is too technical for you.

YouTube Just Leaves You More Confused

Because of hit and miss tutorials with explanations that don't always make sense. It's a part time job just trying to find quality tutorials with the answers you're looking for on Youtube.

There's Too Much To Remember

From keyboard shortcuts, to tool settings, editing processes, and everything else in between, it feels nearly impossible to remember all the information you learn. Instead of loving Photoshop, you start to dread it.

You Feel Overwhelmed Just Looking At Photoshop

With so many panels, buttons, and settings, using Photoshop feels like flying a plane when you first start out. That's why so many put off learning because it feels like too much.

So I Built And Refined A Proven Step-By-Step System For Photographers To Master Photoshop In Less Time

I first opened Photoshop in 2012, but after about 20 minutes, I shut down my computer out of frustration and vowed to never touch Photoshop again.

I very quickly went from eager to learn Photoshop, to wondering why such a miserable program could exist in the first place. I cursed Adobe’s name.

So how could I have gone from vowing to never use Photoshop again, to now claiming it as my most beloved photo editing tool all these years later?

Well just like you, I was going about learning Photoshop the wrong way for years. If I could go back, I would do it all completely differently.

I would give my past self a clear roadmap of exactly what skills I should learn, in order, to catapult my progress.

I would tell myself exactly which tools actually matter to my photo editing, and which ones I can forget about completely.

I would give myself an exact process that guarantees compliment worthy edits every time I use Photoshop.

I would give myself all the techniques I would need to actually see results in my photo editing and have fun in the process.

Now obviously I can’t go back and help my previous self...

...but I can help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the last 10+ years of using Photoshop with the proven system I share inside this course.

What REAL Students Have To Say About This Course...

"I appreciate the build-up of each module, from start to the final summing up of what we have learned. I can follow your every step. Having been helped by many Youtube videos, I can say that that is a first!"

- Gunnvor Burge

"I finally made it through the entire course and I have to say, it is phenomenal. So if you're on the fence, like I said, just go for it."

- Mark Fagan

"I had been worried that this course would be predominately on how to take photographs, but now appreciate how I can improve any image, even ones taken on my iPhone."

- Nicola Menzies

"The course taught me how to not only how powerful this program is, but how to get around it in a best, the best efficient way to do it with shortcuts and explanation, no nonsense, no BS, just pure explanation."

- Pete Diaz

"Well structured and easy to understand and follow. The course reinforced many of the concepts I have learned before and also help me to better understand how they work/affect images.

- Theo De Waal

Introducing The 21 Day Photoshop Expert Video Course

21 Modules, 100% Online & Go At Your Own Pace

Through 21 modules and 79 bite-sized video lessons, you can learn to transform your images in Photoshop faster than any other option online.

Plus with nearly a dozen PDF cheat sheetspremium Photoshop Brush Packs, and 54 follow along Photoshop projects to use as you watch the lessons, I do my best to give you all the bonus resources possible to fast track your learning.

Since Adobe regularly updates their programs with new tools and features, I update the course as well. If the techniques I mentioned in a lesson have become outdated, I update the lessons in the course to match.

That way you always have free updates to the course and can rely on the most up-to-date techniques available to transform your photos.

Not only helping you to have fun and feel confident in Photoshop, but finally allow you to edit those jaw-dropping images you’ve always dreamed of.

A Step-By-Step Process That Makes Photoshop Easy

With each lesson building from the previous, you get an actionable set of lessons that truly progress your skills and confidence.

Follow Along Projects To Make Every Lesson Stick

Most people (including me) learn best by doing. In this course you have access to countless follow along projects to do exactly as I do throughout each lesson.

A Community For Help Whenever You Have Questions

The private facebook community has members active 24/7 365 meaning you always have someone to help when you get stuck.

Bonus PDF Guides To Expand On Topics From Complex Lessons

For topics that can feel a bit overwhelming, you get PDF guides explaining additional tools and processes you learn in more complex lessons from the course.

Your Guide To Guarantee Success 

Rather than hoping you'll get the hang of Photoshop, you have a guaranteed path to make sense of everything. Simply by following the course from start to finish!

All To Make You Look & Feel Like A Photoshop Expert

With all the knowledge, skills, and resources you get from this course, you'll walk away feeling like an expert in Photoshop and ready to transform your images with confidence.

Take Your Photoshop Skills From Beginner To Expert

Whether you’ve been using Photoshop for years or just downloaded the program today, this course guarantees to fill in the gaps you’re missing. Unlike other courses that only tell you what to remember, I believe the best way of learning is by DOING.

That’s why this course was created with 45+ follow along projects that help you improve with confidence. Any new technique you learn is paired with real examples to help you connect the dots and see how each technique applies to your editing.

Here You’ll Build Your Skills From The Ground Up

This course takes you from square one, teaching you the essential skills of choosing correct document settings, resolution, file types, and more to ensure your projects are of the highest quality from the start.

Once you know how to keep your projects pixel perfect, you’ll learn about all the most essential editing tools for photography & design to leave you with 
a solid foundation of skills that will allow you to transform any photo.

Master The MOST Helpful Tools In Photoshop (and forget the unimportant ones)

Photoshop has over 65+ individual tools which are pretty darn overwhelming to remember.

Luckily, this course only focuses on the tools that actually matter to your photography, so you 
gain an in-depth understanding of the most valuable tools you’ll use in every project.

Make Learning Complex Editing Techniques Easy In Photoshop

From mastering the use of layers, getting creative with layer masks, smart filters, and using smart objects to maintain quality, there are so many golden nuggets you’ll learn that most photographers get too intimidated by.

That means you can take advantage of more professional adjustments that make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Enroll In 21-Day Photoshop Expert

Create A Repeatable Editing System To Transform Your Images In Photoshop

Whether you use Photoshop alongside Lightroom or as a stand alone program, this course teaches you the 6-stage editing workflow to easily transform your images. Rather than only focusing only on individual skills and techniques, this course gives you a system you can rely on to edit professional looking images.

Learn To Edit RAW Files From Start To Finish

This process takes you from square one, giving you all the steps you need to transform any RAW photo into a creative work of art.

Master The Best Exposure & Color Adjustments For Photography 

With a simple formula of adjustments, you can use together to create repeatable editing effects that are guaranteed to blow people away.

Learn Creative Ways To Level Up Your Photo Editing

The editing process you learn in this course goes beyond basic exposure or color and dives into creative options like sky replacements, lighting effects and more!

Learn To Create Pixel Perfect Selections With Ease

Whether you’re selecting a simple object or complicated ones like hair or tree branches, this course breaks down all the most valuable selection methods for any situation. Starting from the basics of selections, you‘ll work your way up to more advanced selections such as cutting out hair with ease. No prior experience necessary.

Learn The Fastest Selection Methods That Save Time

From different selection rendering versions, simple tools like the Quick Selection Tool and more, you'll become a master of accurate and fast selections.

Master The Highest Quality Selection Options 

When you need the highest quality edge from your selection you'll learn how to use the Pen Tool and Select and Mask for flawless selections.

Learn To Cut Out Complex Objects Like A Pro

Whether you need to select hair, fur, or tree branches from complex backgrounds, you'll discover all the techniques you need in this course.

Master Industry-Leading Object Removal Techniques

A huge part of photo editing is removing unwanted distractions. In this course you’ll learn the most valuable object removal tools in Photoshop along with lesser-known techniques to remove even the most complex objects from your photos. 

What you’re left with is a deep understanding of the most powerful object removal tools available for photographers.

Learn To Remove Distractions, Fast

You'll learn all the most valuable object removal tools in Photoshop, including ones that save you time and stress.

Simple Techniques To Remove Complex Objects

When dealing with patterns, edges, and larger objects, it can feel impossible to get good results. Here you'll learn the most advanced object removal techniques to guarantee success.

Make Your Subjects Look Their Best

With the most effective techniques to remove blemishes, fly away hairs, and even to smooth skin! People will love you for how great they look in your photos.

Get 6 Over-The-Shoulder Editing Walkthroughs To Apply Your Skills

Later in the course as your foundational skills of Photoshop have progressed, you'll discover a 6-stage editing process to transform your photos. Through a variety of start to finish editing workflows, we take a handful of RAW images to perfection with an over-the-shoulder view of every single step.

Learn To Take Your Lightroom Skills & Pair Them With Photoshop

Many photographers and students in the course use Lightroom as their go-to editing program. Heck, I even use Lightroom a ton myself. 

That’s why I made sure this course will also help current Lightroom users looking to expand their skills in Photoshop. Everything you learn here can be used in a side-by-side workflow between Lightroom & Photoshop. 
That way you have a helpful addition to your editing skills, not a replacement. Both Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Lightroom CC) are discussed.

For those who use Photoshop as a standalone program, this course also covers how to organize images with Adobe Bridge, a free program for Mac and Windows!

+ Level Up Your Graphic Design Skills, Stress-Free

This course not only covers photo editing, but also graphic design. Whether you need to create a banner for social media, a new logo, or a promotional poster to put up around town, you’ll learn exactly how. Building from early lessons in the course, you’ll learn how to manipulate different settings to create customized graphics and banners, stress free.

Master The Key Graphic Design Tools Of Photoshop

To give you the skills to confidently create banners, graphics, and social media posts from scratch.

Learn To Take Control Of Type

With techniques to help get the perfect text styles, alignments, and positioning while learning to use text alongside other layers in your project.

Keep Your Designs Pixel Perfect With Vector Layers

Learn the best techniques for graphic design in Photoshop to ensure your projects look their best no matter where they're being viewed.

& Learn To Create Geometric Logos & Graphics With Ease!

Feeling Stuck? Get Your Questions Answered

When you enroll in 21 Day Photoshop Expert you'll be granted access to the private Facebook community where you can get direct help with any of your Photoshop questions from the course and onwards. Think of this as an extra bonus to help answer any burning questions you have about Photoshop without needing to endlessly scroll the internet!

This gives you a way to discuss ideas, issues, or wins with other like-minded students all on the same path as you.

Plus, Brendan is active in the community daily to help answer your questions directly and offer encouragement if you ever feel stuck.

Whether you're confused about a specific tool, need clarification on an editing technique, or just have a project you don't know how to piece together, the community is here to help!

What's Included In This Course...

21-Day Photoshop Expert - Complete Video Course

This go at your own pace complete video course includes all 70+ lessons in an easy to use student dashboard you can use to watch lessons and track your progress from any device.

All lessons are pre-recorded and organized making it as easy as possible for you to learn at your pace.

Bonus 1: The Follow Along Projects Bundle (54 Projects)

This bundle of projects allows you to follow along with 54 lessons in the course to ensure every lesson sticks. 

(Yes, there are A LOT of follow along lessons 😉)

Bonus 2: The Shortcuts Guidebook For Photoshop

Get a quick reference PDF cheat sheet covering all the most important shortcuts you'll use in Photoshop as well as on a regular basis throughout the course.

Bonus 3: The Cloud Brushes Bundle (25 Brushes)

For easy "sky replacements" or creative effects, these optically captured photo-realistic cloud brushes will serve as a handy tool in your brush library!

Bonus 5: The Steam Brushes Bundle (15 Brushes)

Whether you want to steam up your food photography or cozy winter portraits, this brush pack allows you to create photo-realistic steam with a click!

Bonus 4: The Smoke Brushes Bundle (40 Brushes)

For creative editing effects or to add drama into any photo, these optically captured high-res smoke brushes are a personal favorite of Brendan's!

Bonus 6: The Bokeh Brushes Bundle (25 Brushes)

For fun and easy lighting effects even if you didn't have the perfect camera settings when you captured your photos.

Get Instant Access To

21-Day Photoshop Expert

Lifetime Access + Free Updates For Only $247

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Try The Course 100% Risk-Free With My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s hard to tell what’s marketing fluff and what’s real with some courses out there these days. That’s why I’m doing things differently.

I am so confident that this will be one of the most valuable Photoshop trainings you've ever taken, that I’m offering a 30-day no questions asked refund if you don't find it as useful as I claim it to be.

So if for any reason you aren't 110% happy with this course after 30 days, email me at and I'll personally refund all your money, no questions asked.

Free Lifetime Updates

Every year Photoshop adds new features and tools to the program. That's why whenever a lesson in the course becomes obsolete, it will be updated to the suit the current state of the program. These updates to video trainings and lessons descriptions come free as a student of 21 Day Photoshop Expert. That way you have a trusted resource you can rely on today, and years down the line.

Who Is This Course For?

Beginners In Photoshop Not Knowing Where To Start

Even if you've never used Photoshop in your life, this course takes you from square one to build your skills with confidence. 

Photographers Looking To Advance Their Editing

If you're a photographer who wants to level up your photo editing, there is no better tool than Photoshop. This course teaches you all the most effective skills to transform any photo with ease.

Photoshop Superstars Looking For New Tricks

Even if you already feel comfortable in Photoshop, this course will help you fill in any gaps and finally help you make the most of the program.

What Current Students Have To Say...

"the way you organize the presentation of topics is so effective and something I don't encounter often."

I've been able to fill a lot of gaps in my Photoshop knowledge thanks to Brendan's patient and thorough demonstrations. Even though Photoshop can fix 90% of image problems, it's not perfect. I've learned to prioritize my workflow and save time in Photoshop”

- Doc Hamilton

“I was wasting time with YouTube until I found you. I love everything about the course, but the downloadable examples to follow along with have been most valuable for me. Thanks Brendan.

- Ath Souriyavong

“I have used Photoshop for quite a while, but was missing many of the basics. I have found things in every lesson. I have 2 things that have been most helpful. Firstly, a better understanding of Smart objects and secondly a better understanding of select and masking workspace!

- Julie Millar

I have purchased his Photoshop Course from him and have watched a significant number of his videos (in addition to the ones from the course), and have found them to be very much better that so many of the other courses that I see advertised every day. His ability to make PS clear is remarkable.

- Steven Gottlieb

I started with zero knowledge and now have a good basic understanding. At first overwhelming but now I can follow along and kinda know what we need to do with each tool. The most valuable skills I’ve gained are the basic understanding of PS. You have presented the deeper knowledge which I do understand overall but know it will become second nature with a lot of practice!

- Dean Caputo

This course is the best money I have ever spent!

- Linda Jones

“Your course is thorough, yet streamlined, and your teaching style is clear, concise, and extremely helpful. You are an outstanding teacher, teaching a subject that is often not taught well. I was wasting time with YouTube until I found you. Thanks Brendan.

I've been able to fill a lot of gaps in my Photoshop knowledge thanks to Brendan's patient and thorough demonstrations. 

Although I haven't gone through much of your course yet, the way you introduce topics and let us know we will be delving into them later in more depth, is a beautiful way of layering information and building on concepts from conceptualization through effective utilization. And the way you organize the presentation of topics is so effective and something I don't encounter often.

The most valuable thing I've learned is that I can trust you to guide me to enhance and deepen my skills and that there is a lot of wisdom that I will gain as I progress through your course.

Thank you!

- Jeanne Schlesinger

It is all I hoped for - you are a great educator and the video modules are mini masterpieces. I can highly recommend your course on what I have achieved thus far. It is such an advantage to work through it all at the pace you want to go. Very well done.

- Grant Osborne

Meet Your Instructor - Brendan Williams

I'm a professional photographer and photo retoucher with a passion for pushing the creative boundaries of photography and helping others feel proud of every image they capture.

I first picked up a camera in 2005 with a simple point and shoot camera. Since then I've never lost my passion for taking and creating amazing images. 

For the last 7+ years I have been shooting and retouching professional with work for many notable brands in the tourism and outdoor industries.

In 2018 I began the website, with a mission to help other photographers unlock their creative potential in photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop. My goal was to create a resource that I wish I had earlier in my career. 

Now I am fortunate enough to help over half a million creatives like you each month to learn photography & photo editing through my website and youtube channel.

Around here my #1 goal is to cut the fluff and create tutorials that actually get you results.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Course

Module 1: Getting Started In Photoshop

5 Videos | 28 Minutes |1 Quiz | 1 Follow Along Project

Starting from square one, you'll learn the essential skills behind choosing document settings (dimensions, resolutions, color modes, etc.), Bit Depth and it's importance, alone with how to setup and navigate your Photoshop workspace.

Module 2: Using Photoshop With Lightroom & Adobe Bridge

4 Videos |32 Minutes | Follow Along Images

Learn how to use Photoshop with RAW files in a variety of different workflows covering Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Adobe Bridge, or using Photoshop as a standalone editing program. This module is key to syncing your current workflow in Lightroom or Bridge with Photoshop.

Module 3: Mastering Layers

4 Videos | 28 Minutes |1 Quiz | 2 Follow Along Projects

Decode the mystery behind layers with easy to understand and visual examples to make the concepts stick. From different types of layers to what aspects can cause a layer to lose quality, layers will feel easy after these lessons.

Module 4: Blending Layers & Adjustments In Photoshop

3 Videos | 23 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

With an understanding of how layers operate, you'll begin to learn how you can blend layers together using opacity, fill, blend-if, and a wide array of blending modes for amazing effects.

Module 5: Adjustment Layers Made Easy

5 Videos | 65 Minutes | 4 Follow Along Projects

As one of the most important features of Photoshop for photo editing, this module breaks down the most helpful types of adjustment layers and how to use them to level up your photos.

Module 6: The Essential Tools Of Photoshop

4 Videos | 67 Minutes | 4 Follow Along Projects

To prevent overwhelm, we focus on the four most essential tools to remember that you'll use on a regular basis such as the Move Tool, Crop Tool, Type Tool, and Shape Tool. All of the tools you learn to master here will be discussed in more advanced ways in later modules.

Module 7: Brush Tool Mastery

3 Videos | 58 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

As your trusty side-kick in every Photoshop project, this module teaches you all the ways you can use and customize the brush tool to improve your photos and get creative in the process.

Module 8: Masking Made Easy

3 Videos | 46 Minutes | 1 Quiz | 3 Follow Along Projects

Here you'll learn one of the most intimidating parts of Photoshop in a simple and gradual manner that's sure to leave you feeling confident. From layer masks, clipping masks, smart filters and more, these lessons cover everything you need to know about masking in Photoshop.

Module 9: Gradient Tool Mastery

3 Videos | 59 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

These lessons give you an in-depth look at how to use gradients in Photoshop for creative design projects, photo editing, and even lighting effects.

Module 10: Intro To Selections & Background Removal

5 Videos | 77 Minutes | 1 Practice Challenge | 5 Follow Along Projects

Even if you have no idea what a selection is, these lessons will get you up to speed on all of their powerful uses. You'll also learn the fastest and most simple techniques to create accurate selections for background removal or selective adjustments!

Module 11: Advanced Selection Techniques

5 Videos | 102 Minutes | 5 Follow Along Projects

With the hang of basic selections, we take it up a notch to deal with complex selections around hair, tree branches, and more. By the end of this lesson you'll be a master at creating pixel-perfect selections of anything in Photoshop!

Module 12: Object Removal

6 Videos | 142 Minutes | 6 Follow Along Projects

Here you'll learn the industry-leading object removal tools of Photoshop to make any photo distraction free. From automatic object removal adjustments using Content Aware, to more complex removals with the Clone Stamp Tool, these lessons cover a variety of situations and tools to suit any images object removal needs.

Module 13: Beginning Your Editing Workflow

 3 Videos | 38 Minutes | 3 Follow Along Projects

Taking all the skills you learned previously in the course, you start to piece together an effective step-by-step editing process to transform your photos with ease.

Module 14: The Creative Stages Of Your Workflow

2 Videos | 47 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

Building from the previous module, you begin to expand your skills and editing adjustments into more creative areas such as color grading, dodging and burning, and lighting effects.

Module 15: Advanced Creative Photo Editing

1 Video | 27 Minutes | 1 Follow Along Project

From sky replacements, overlays, and blending modes, these lessons are the cherry on top of the editing process you learned in the last two modules. Here you learn the key to added creative flare not possible in most other photo editing software.

Module 16: Landscape Edit Walkthrough

1 Video | 49 Minutes | 1 Follow Along Project

Using the 6 stage editing process you learned about previously in the course, this module takes you from start to finish in a follow along landscape edit inside of Photoshop.

Module 17: Portrait Edit Walkthrough

1 Video | 39 Minutes | 1 Follow Along Project

Continuing with the same 6 stage editing process, this time you learn a few new adjustments for skin retouching to make your subjects look their best. All through a start to finish follow along editing walkthrough taking you from RAW to finished.

Module 18: HDR Editing & Luminosity Masks

2 Videos | 21 Minutes | 1 Follow Along Project

To ensure you have total control over the exposure of any photo, these lessons share how to create HDR images with HDR Pro in Photoshop CC, as well as how to use Luminosity Masks for the most targeted exposure adjustments possible. There's truly no better way to fix blown highlights than with this!

Module 19: Creating Graphics & Banners In Photoshop

2 Videos | 94 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

Whether you need to create media for your social accounts, a client, a flyer, or even a youtube banner, this module walks through two follow along design projects to help get you up and running with graphic design in Photoshop. The first project creates an Instagram story template, while the second creates a Youtube banner.

Module 20: Geometric Logo Design

1 Video | 25 Minutes | 1 Follow Along Project

Continuing on with your graphic skills from the previous lesson, this module gets more creative with a geometric style icon created with a variety of powerful tools in Photoshop.

Module 21: Creating Composites In Photoshop

3 Videos | 70 Minutes | 2 Follow Along Projects

Whether you want to blend in a new sky and reflection, or add a person into your photo, this module breaks down the essential tips to combine multiple photos together for some amazing creative options in Photoshop.

Student Dashboard Preview:

Here's Exactly What You Can Expect After Enrolling...

Get Instant Access To

21-Day Photoshop Expert

Lifetime Access + Free Updates For Only $247

One Week After Taking This Course...

You’ll be able to open Photoshop and actually feel excited to use the program rather than feeling overwhelmed and confused. All because you have learned an effective system to progress your skills.

You finally can piece together those editing techniques you’ve dreamed of and create jaw-dropping edits that are sure to garner compliments.

You’ll be able to spend more time taking photos and doing what you love rather than spending endless hours watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. You can now rest easy knowing you have a step-by-step system to master Photoshop.

You can add creative effects like sky replacements or overlays in your edits that you used to think were reserved for professionals.

And you’ll be able to finally feel proud after creating the edits exactly as you envisioned them in your head. Now you have the knowledge and the skills to unlock your creativity in Photoshop.

All because of one Photoshop course that makes photo editing fun and exciting again.



Enroll In 21-Day Photoshop Expert Now


Can't I Learn All This On Youtube?

Youtube is a fantastic resource with more free tutorials than any individual is capable of watching on improving your Photoshop skills.

I even produce in-depth Photoshop trainings every week for Youtube!

But a side effect of only learning on Youtube is that you'll waste dozens of hours learning the same thing, searching for tutorials only to find partial answers and not having precise exercises designed to help you truly learn the skills you're after.

If you want to develop your skills FAST, then 21-Day Photoshop Expert is for you. 
Plus, what is your time worth? 

This program will save you weeks of frustrated time searching for answers and rapidly increase your photo editing skills. 

For some - thats $247 well spent!

If your time isn't worth that yet... 

Stick to Youtube until it is!

How Long Is This Course?

This entire course is 20.5 hours long across 79 individual lessons.

Which Version Of Photoshop Does This Course Teach?

This course is taught using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

This is included in any Photography, Photoshop Only, or All Apps Subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you are using older versions of Photoshop such as CS6, you may find certain tools not available as there have been many updates to Photoshop since the C6 version. However, many of the basic foundational skills of this course will still apply.

If you are using Photoshop Elements, this course will not be useful for you and I do not recommend buying it.

Do I Need To Finish This Course In 21 Days?

Not at all! You can work through this course at whatever pace suits you. Although this course is designed for you to be able to finish it in 21 days if you complete one module per day, this is by no means a requirement.

And if you feel overwhelmed thinking of dedicating 21 days strictly to learning Photoshop, I totally get it.

That's why this course consists of pre-recorded videos and you have lifetime access to all the course contents. That way you can work your way through the course at whatever pace fits your schedule!

All the course materials can be accessed at any time in your course dashboard.

Are Each Of The Modules Live Trainings?

No, this course consists of pre-recorded videos for each module so you do not need to worry about scheduling times to watch course materials. Whenever you're ready to watch, the course materials will be there waiting for you!

What Skill Level Is This Program For?

21-Day Photoshop Expert is meant to take you from ZERO or Limited knowledge of Photoshop ------> To confidently using Photoshop to transform your images and get the recognition you deserve.

All without feeling confused, overwhelmed, or feeling like it will take you years to learn Photoshop.

But even though this course starts you from square one, there are countless techniques and lessons more experienced users can gain from this too. From advanced color grading, masking, image blending, selection techniques and more, this course will help add on to the valuable skills you already have.
This course IS NOT for you if you find editing in Photoshop a breeze and already feel like you have all the answers you need.

How Is This Course Delivered?

This course consists of video modules and will be available within the 21 Day Photoshop Expert dashboard that you can login at any time via

How long do I have access to the program and when does it start?

You get lifetime access to this course, the community, and future updates to the trainings as they come. There is no set start or end date to the course as you can work through it on your own schedule.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes! I have a 30 Day no-questions asked money back guarantee on this course. 

That way, regardless of when you purchase, you can join the Facebook community, watch all the released course contents, and even attend live trainings before you decide whether or not this course is for you. 

If not, you can shoot me an email at and I’ll personally refund every penny. No hassle, no questions asked.

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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated on this landing page for 21 Day Photoshop Expert are my personal editing rate figures. Please understand these results are not typical. I am not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THE 21 DAY PHOTOSHOP EXPERT COURSE.